My vision

Let me cut to the chase: I am obsessed by identity and storytelling. Whenever I am in a room with someone to make music – no matter who it is – I always search for something real. Something genuine. I believe that you can only make a piece of art that is timeless by getting to the core of an artist. Once a vision is there, every step afterwards will be tangible evidence of that vision and that is when a successful identity is born. I focus on this particular aspect and try to help enhance or improve your identity. Every piece of music should have a spark that separates it from other productions and every piece of music is therefore a challenge for me. I don’t believe in a standard formula for a good song; every project needs a different approach, but I do believe that when you hold on to a couple of guidelines you will always be able to deliver a piece of art. For that exact reason there is no specific genre that I work with. I tend to write, record and produce pop music, but once a vibe or concept speaks to me there is nothing to stop me trying my best to make that work as well. Working with a concept allows me to make deliberate choices during the process to create an identity for every separate piece of art. I am always on the hunt. I am always trying to capture something unique. A story. An emotion.
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