rijnmar-cruiseRijnmar de Goede (A.K.A. Rico Dean) is a songwriter, record producer and audio / mixing engineer based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), who is determined to make a difference in today’s music industry. He distinguishes himself in his approach and vision towards the balance between sound & songwriting, which is critical in creating a product with an identity of its own. He is currently studying composition, music production and studio technologies at Utrecht’s School of Arts where he is developing his skills in all of the above. Another important skill is Rijnmar’s versatility with different instruments, allowing him to expand his understanding of them. In his younger years he took lessons in piano, drums, vocals and studied guitar (and composition) for a year at Utrecht’s Conservatory. He also played in several pop/rockbands. All of these assets make him a more understanding and empathetic producer and that is exactly what you need.